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Shining the spotlight on human expertise.

Featured, formerly Terkel, is a Q&A platform that uses generative AI to scale the reach of human expertise. Subject matter experts simply answer questions, and Featured magically gets them placed in some of the most popular online publications.

After a second seed round of funding, Terkel was ready to evolve its homegrown identity, but in our exploration, we found that a name change was also in order. Together, we embarked on a remarkable journey to unlock the world’s knowledge, starting with creating a verbal and visual language that empowered the company with the clarity and consistency needed to continue its rapid growth trajectory with confidence. 


Web Design

Our approach

The former Terkel name had a strong story, and it sparked curiosity. Unfortunately, it also caused a lot of confusion and conflict. The change to Featured was part of the strategy to instantly clarify the brand’s primary benefit.

We felt a sense of importance to keep the brand language straightforward yet still relatable to the needs of our diverse audiences, consisting of thought leaders, publishers, and investors. This led us to a tone of voice called “Delightfully Direct.”

The logo

Featured is a place for experts to share their words of wisdom, and for publishers to get quality ready-to-publish content.  The Quote & Cursor brand mark gives users a sense of familiarity by incorporating symbols found in their day-to-day tools.

To ensure this mark was versatile enough to work alongside any publisher’s brand, we paired it with a custom editorial-inspired wordmark.


Visual identity system

Recognizing the pivotal role of human insight in today’s tech-driven era, we crafted an identity puts the emphasis on the true magic of Featured – the passionate people fueling the platform’s success.

Party in the front. Party in the back.

When it comes to SaaS technology, there’s nothing that breaks a user’s trust faster than a backend that doesn’t live up to the hype of the branding.

In order to maintain brand continuity, and ensure a seamless customer experience, we designed a complete UI design system which we used for Featured’s new website as well as their back-end user dashboard.


Instant ROI on branding

Within hours of a soft launch, the social sphere was flooded with fan feedback. All unsolicited and 100% positive. That’s cause for celebration!

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